Nordic Soundtrack

Hello! I spend some time listening what’s going on in a music world – also little bit off of mainstream. There is  lots of interesting music – but even more all kind of music. Now I try to introduce quite regularly some highlights I have heard on the net – very often in SoundCloud, but also in Indabamusic, YouTube…You name it…

I try choose some theme every time. Let’s begin with some professional scandinavian composers who has high profile in soundtrack and tv-music.

Danish political drama Borgen (2010-) has now rolled for two seasons (seen twice in finnish channel Fem) – third season comes out in this spring (here in Finland, can be out in Denmark…). Composer of this epic music is called Halfdan E.

Swedish Adam Norden made great job in Henrikson/Sällström/Rapace-Wallanders. Here is music from swedish movie Odjuret (2011).


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