Background for composing series Musik för Svenska Deckare

I´m a great fan of swedish crime fiction both as books and films. They are never black-and-white and always includes some social aspects. They can be very violent and brutal, but they still have some human touch in them. Oh yes, small criminals has always finnish name…

There are some common aspects in that film music also, here are few examples:

– minimalistic piano (for example Adam Nordens music for 12 first ”Henrikson-Wallanders”, Spotify-link)

– more guitar than, for example, in finnish and american film music – I like as guitarist that!

– folkloristic elements

– rhythmic ambiguity

– original swedish sense of sound design: very tastefully mixed film soundscapes to the music

Let´s listen Johan Nilsson´s great opening title for Höök (SVT 2007)

– time signature is more 3+3+2/8 than 4/4

– listen the sounds of northern-swedish Luleå in opening!

– use of traditional swedish instruments: strings, flute, percussion

Music is really shamanistic! Music brings the listener immediatly to the dark land of ice and snow! By the way, Höök´s second season begins in FST5 friday 6. August!

In the spring 2009, I began to make music that was deeply inspired by swedish film music. Work goes still on. In future I will explain more detailed things about these tunes. Part of that music can heard in my Soundcloud-page.