Katy Perry: Roar – short analysis of composition

Katy Perry’s new single Roar has leaked to net day before its official release 08/12/13. I listened tune from Billboard-site. Roar is probably written by Perry, Bonnie McKee, Dr. Luke and Max Martin – I’m waiting for ASCAP information.

Roar is mostly four-chord-tune in Bb major. Roar chords are Bb – Cm – Gm – Eb (1264). Dominant chord F comes in C section. Tempo is about 90 bpm. I think this is first Max Martin tune for Katy Perry in this tempo – but not first for Max Martin who has several direct hits in this tempo: Baby One More Time (Britney Spears), Behind These Hazel Eyes (Kelly Clarkson), Whatya Want from Me (Adam Lambert/Pink)…

Chords changes goes so that Bb is at beat one, Cm changes at second bars third beat – and so its with Gm and Eb also.

Vocal melody is almost completely based on Bb-major pentatonic scale: Bb,C,D,F,G. Verse ranges major sixth from Bb3 to G4 and chorus also major sixth between F4 and D5.

Verses phrases starts first on off-beat of one and then on beat one (1/16 up-beat) and off-beat for next eight bars. There are strong rhythmic motives also…

Most dominant melodic feature in chorus in use of motive Bb4 – G4 – F4. You can hear here also melodic motive from 90’s Backstreet Boys hit As Long as You Love Me…

Structure is typical. Short intro – verse – chorus – verse – chorus – lower energy C-section – and to end choruses.

I think that this is really great tune – I’m sure that you will really hear that tune many times in coming months…

Read also my analysis of …Baby One More Time.


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