Musical key to Music För Svenska Deckare parts 5-10

This is the second part of explanation of my Music För Svenska Deckare -series. The series was originally inspired by swedish film music. All music examples are copyrighted ©Antti Sunell/Audacom 2011.

In the Shadow of Turning Torso (part 5, working title Malmö Blues) is one of last composed tunes in series. It practically has nothing new elements – mostly it is a combination of part three and my arrangement of catalan folk song El Testament               d´Amelia  (=part 7). There is variation of the jazz/blues-style theme appearing also in parts 3 and 9.

Action style tune part 6 starts with  funky 16th-note hi-hat figure, wah-wah guitar and multi-layered synth pad that was inspired by finnish symphonic orchestral music of 1990´s. Piano doubled bass line is also essential motive in the whole series. You can hear lots of piano/bass-combination in 70´s action film scores – just think film composer Lalo Shifrins music.

Variation of that harmonic progression appers also in part 4.

El Testament d´Amelia is traditional catalan folk song. I have wrote about composition process earlier.

Slide theme is in Malmö Blues too.

Chord progression of the middle section of Amelia can be also heard in differend part of series.

Part 8 differs completely of rest of the series. This americana-style tune is in major key – only one the series.

Part 9 is is mostly combination of earlier themes and motives. Last part, End Credits, is the oldest one in series. I recorded most of the guitars in summer 2008. Later I completed tune with elements from other parts from SD-series.

In The Shadow of Turning Torso is in equal dreams music store.

The whole series can be streamed on SoundCloud.

Read musical key to parts 1-4 here.


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