Musical Key to Musik För Svenska Deckare, parts 1 – 4.

My ten-piece series Musik För Svenska Deckare (=music for swedish crime fiction) is a thematic work. It means that music is composed on few musical ideas – themes and motives – which are repeated and variated in through the whole series. Let´s check out the themes and motives in order of appearance. Music examples are copyrighted © Antti Sunell 2010-2011.

First motive in part one is parallel major seventh chords.

These parallel maj7-chords appers in almost every part in the series in different rhythms and transposition.

In part one is also 7/8 -crossrhythm motive, which actually is based on piano figure that dominates intro of third part. In a cross-rhythm function this figure appears on first and last part (End Credits) of series.

Part two introduces many motives that appears in whole series. First is schubertian walk-motive.

The main theme appers on part 9 also.

Eight bar chord progression.

Piano figure in the third part appears in many places in different rhythmic and harmonic variations.

Piano figure in part 4.

Part 4 main theme.

Both appers also in End Credits (part 10).

You can buy In The Shadow of Turning Torso (part 5) in equal dreams -shop.

You can listen the whole series in Audacom´s SoundCloud -profile.

Next time we look on things in parts 5 – 10.

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